Bullish on Longevity

About seven years ago, I reported regularly on the science of longevity, and the prospect of human life extension, for a site called Sage Crossroads. And then I stopped—pretty much dropping the topic for a while and going on to other things. Author: Chris Mooney —– Read more from a blog entry on discovermagazine.com, August 06, 2010

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  1. Forever says:

    Chris Mooney did not report any news about the POLITICAL progress of the longevity dividend at the Techonomy session because originally it was an intitiative of S. Jay Olshansky and other age researchers to get far more funding for their field from the U.S. Government!??

    (For the background see the last chapter ‘The Recommendation’ of the article ‘In Pursuit of the Longevity Dividend’ in The Scientist back from 2006.)

    Without this massive increase in funding I doubt that we will see such a 7 year pill any time soon.

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