Margaret Thatcher forever?

“Another splendid debate discussed “transhumanism” – the idea we can genetically or technologically alter ourselves. As a wearer of spectacles, I suppose I’m already a wee tad transhuman. But the best moment was during the discussion of life extension technologies, where Iain Banks declared he was worried it would only be for the rich. “Say what you like about Rupert Murdoch or Margaret Thatcher, but at least, at the moment, they’re going to die some day,” he opined.”

(From a report about this year’s Edingburgh International Book Festival on, September 07, 2010)

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  1. Lothar says:

    The author is expressing a popular point of criticism – immortal privileged people, dictators and the like – that it is almost never thought-out very properly. Mankind has invented something already several centuries ago. It’s called DEMOCRACY! Or – being a German – have I missed something important and Margaret Thatcher is still ruling in Downing Street Number 10??

    And for the non-democratic countries in the world: there would be no substantial difference between an immortal dictator or a dynasty of ruling families throughout the ages. May be the author fears that John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron could all belong to the “Thatcher dynasty” but I suppose that would be another topic… ;-)

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